Gabriele Lattanzio, PhD Candidate

Gabriele Lattanzio, Ph.D.

Dr. Lattanzio is a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Monash Business School in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Lattanzio's research interests are in empirical corporate finance and financial economics. His research has been on several high quality conference programs, including the American Economic Association (AEA) annual meeting, the European Economic Association (EEA) annual meeting, and the European Finance Association (EFA) annual meeting, among others. His papers have won multiple awards at conferences and they have been included in several SSRN's eJournal Top Ten download lists. Dr. Lattanzio is in the top 10% authors on SSRN by total new downloads within the last 12 months.

Dr. Lattanzio completed is Ph.D in Finance from the University of Oklahoma in 4 years, and his dissertation committee was co-chaired by Lubomir Litov and William Megginson, and included Gustavo Grullon, Scott Linn, and Wayne Thomas. Before joining Monash University, Dr. Lattanzio spent one year as visiting Faculty Member at the Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX).



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